Annuity Calculator Webinar

Build an Annuity Calculator in R

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ActuaryLife offers a new webinar to learn to build an Annuity Calculator using R programming language. The main objectives of this webinar are:

  1. To understand user defined functions
  2. To perform basic arithmetic calculations to solve a business problem
  3. To learn the use of loop and array to convert a complex formula into a useful R function
  4. To validate the input and output using conditional statements

It is a basic webinar to understand how to build useful functions for actuarial work. It is meant for aspiring actuaries and finance professionals who have just started to use R as a beginner. The webinar is delivered on our website using a secured channel and participants have to login with the credentials provided. They can ask any doubt related to the webinar through an online live chat.

Please do not enrol for this webinar if you are already a student of Certificate in Actuarial Software Techniques (CAST). This webinar is included in the curriculum of Level 2 of CAST.

This webinar is conducted by H Vikram Arora. Contact via WhatsApp @ +91 888 2288279 / LinkedIn, if you have any queries. The duration of this online live webinar is 2 hours and the fee is INR 400 / USD 8.