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How to create an insurance premium pricing model using Linear Regression, Python and Jupyter


Introduction Hello readers! This article is about computation of cattle insurance premium for financial losses of farmers due to Tiger attacks in the Corbett Reserve National Park. These types of calculations are basic... Read More

Build an Annuity Calculator in R


ActuaryLife offers a new webinar to learn to build an Annuity Calculator using R programming language. The main objectives of this webinar are: To understand user defined functions To perform basic arithmetic calculations... Read More

Actuary exam failed by 0.25 marks


Many of us have experienced marginal failures in the actuarial exams by few marks. Please share your views and experiences. Thanks! #actuary #actuaryexams #aspiringactuaries Check the post on our LinkedIn Page Read More

Actuary – Exam fees and subscription renewal


We all have faced the crunch of high fees associated with the profession during our actuarial career. Please share your views in the comment box. Thanks! #actuary #actuaryexams #aspiringactuaries Read More

Overqualified Fresher


Overqualified Fresher – Have you faced this situation in life. Please share your views in the comment box. Thanks! #actuary #actuaryjobs #aspiringactuaries Read More

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