Thank you for showing interest in CAST (Certificate in Actuarial Software Techniques).

CAST is a job oriented technical program. The program is taught online through e-learning courses. A mandatory weekly task is given to the participants to solve a business problem using actuarial concepts and a software of their choice. Our objective is to enable student actuaries to boost their career prospects and future proof themselves and remain relevant for the rapidly evolving marketplace of actuarial sciences.

The program is divided into 3 levels of 4 weeks each. A set of video-based learning and a project is shared with the candidate every week. The weekly project has to be completed by the student using the solution manual / online discussion and submitted for evaluation via email to us. The candidate gets six weeks from the date of enrollment to complete any four projects available for the enrolled Level. All the enrolled candidates get to speak with the trainers on a feedback call of 15 minutes per project after the evaluation. The feedback call can be scheduled at any mutually convenient time. A digital certificate is issued on completion of each level and an internship to work on real projects is offered to those candidates who are enrolled for all the levels and have completed at least one level successfully.

The training fee for different levels of CAST is given below:

  • Level 1 – Basic actuarial software techniques – USD 15 / INR 900
  • Level 2 – Advanced actuarial software techniques – USD 30 / INR 1800
  • Level 3 – Expert actuarial software techniques – USD 30 / INR 1800

You may choose to pay a discounted fee, if you enrol for multiple levels and pay the fee upfront. The available option are:

  • Level 1 + Level 2 – USD 33 / INR 2000
  • Level 2 + Level 3 – USD 42 / INR 2500
  • Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 – USD 50 / INR 3000

Please fill the following form to complete your registration. We will send you the payment link / invoice based on your choice of level enrolled after receiving your registration form.