ActuaryLife offers Actuary Career Guidance Session which is an unbiased advice to start your actuarial career. You may be in the process of choosing the actuarial science as a career, deciding whether or not you should change career or job, re-entering the workforce, or maybe wanting to learn more about actuarial career options – a complete knowledge always helps. A good foundation begins with the basics. Once you start exploring ‘Actuary as a Career’, you come to the realisation that it’s an overwhelming process and you need to learn all about the what, how and why of the actuarial career.

What is Actuary Career Guidance Session?

Our career guidance session is a comprehensive online interaction designed to assist individuals in making and implementing informed educational and occupational choices. In simple words, this session helps you to make mature and informed decisions. The career guidance session helps you to acquire the knowledge and information regarding skills and experience necessary to identify career options as an Actuary. This career decision about choosing Actuarial Sciences, then results in your social, financial and emotional well-being throughout your life. To ensure a smooth sailing, it’s important to get your queries answered before you start a long and rewarding journey to become an Actuary.

Who can benefit from Actuary Career Guidance Session?

Student of Class 9th – 10th

Setting the basics right solves a lot of confusions that might arise later. Whether it is choosing the correct stream/board so that your future learning later complements the subject of Actuarial Sciences and mapping career goals, a right start at the right time makes all the difference.

Student of Class 11th – 12th

There are mostly four possible options (non-medical, medical, humanities, commerce) and every student chooses one of them. However, if you plan to become an Actuary later, you have to make sure that the entire process from choosing the right career options to achieving those goals goes smoothly. It is important that one seek career guidance from an informed and experienced mentor / career guide.

College going students / working professionals

For those who have already made a career decision and wish to pursue Actuarial Sciences with their current job/higher studies, our career guidance session can be very helpful to make informed decisions about exams, jobs and studies. Many people end up taking the wrong path in order to achieve their goal of becoming an Actuary and then have to drop out of this beautiful journey. Either they realise that the actuary career option they have chosen isn’t meant for them, or it dawns upon them that the option they have chosen isn’t strong enough to keep them motivated or excited throughout their professional lives. We strongly recommend you to attend our career guidance session, if you are considering to start an actuarial career during college OR thinking to shift to actuarial sciences while on another job. 

Do I need Career Guidance to become an Actuary?

More often than not, people find themselves in a state of dilemma before making important decisions in their lives. Being rational individuals, people always want to get what’s best for them. Shouldn’t the same logic be applied while choosing a career, or changing career paths, which is supposedly a big decision one makes in one’s life? Generally, everyone seeks advice from parents and friends before deciding on their career. Actuarial Sciences is a niche career and it requires long time and dedicated years of your life to become an Actuary. The rewards are also great, once you become an Actuary. 

You must definitely go for an actuary career guidance session, if you – 

  • Find it difficult to decide whether actuarial career is right for you; a career guide helps you sort this confusion. 
  • You realise that changing streams and discovering something completely afresh like actuarial sciences requires a lot of planning and discussions; it is always advisable to take guidance on choosing the right career, right from the beginning. 
  • You agree that career routes can be changed at any point of time and an informed choice can be made with the help of a good career guide. 
  • You are a risk-averse student and you do not want your focus to get shifted, and as a result, find yourself not performing up to your potential. 

A career guide not only helps a student decide the career route as an actuary, he/she also guides the student about the path, maps his/her career, helps him/her clear the confusion and distractions coming along the way.

What are the elements of Actuary Career Guidance?

A qualified career counsellor: Our actuary career guidance sessions are conducted by qualified professionals from the industry who have been working in the actuarial field from more than 10 years and have lot of experience in counselling and mentoring.

A secure environment: Our process of career guidance entails creating a safe and secure environment, where the student feels at ease and is able to discuss the issues bothering him/her.

An agreement of trust and confidence: In a general scenario, the only career guidance an actuarial aspirant has is the opinion of his/her parents, teachers judgment based on marks, and the comments of friends and neighbours. While they might be rational and unbiased in their opinions, relying on them isn’t sufficient to base the foundation of your entire career as an Actuary.

The career guidance session is of 60 minutes. You can schedule 1 session of 60 minutes or 2 sessions of 30 minutes each. We use video call option on Google Hangout to speak to the candidate.
Career Guidance sessions are priced at Rs 1500 per hour. We offer free career guidance session to students who are enrolled in actuary coaching with us. We also adjust the career guidance fee in the coaching fee, if you decide to enrol in our coaching programs.

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